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Loving to Love

March 16, 2018

We hype February as the month of love but call me a hopeless romantic, at least that’s what my friends call me because I believe in unconditional love. I believe that Valentine's Day should be everyday 365 days a year. Love is a beautiful feeling that should be experienced everyday. Yes, I understand the story is about two lovers but I mean, we are not only loved by our partners but also by our families, friends, pets and not forgetting we need to love ourselves too. On today's blog I'll talk about valuing self love. 


Self Love


I have been undertaking a project on mental health researching on different mental health disorders, their causes and possible treatments. Don’t  freak out, I promise am not going to go all clinical on you. I’ll keep it sweet and simple or as my programming lecturer would say ‘KISS keep it simple and stupid ‘.  The common thing about all these disorders other than a genetic trigger, the other cause is lack of self love.People have learnt to judge and dislike themselves because society has