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Margaret River

February 2, 2018

I moved to Perth (Western Australia) a few years ago from Kenya. Like many people I was not aware of the existence of this beautiful city. When I got here I could not believe the culture shock. From a city that never sleeps, Nairobi to one that sleeps before 6pm. It was quite hard to adjust that i could only shop till 5pm and dine in most places till 10pm. I hated the time limitation but I slowly began to adjust after understanding that Perth is still a growing city. It is surrounded by beautiful rural towns which are known for farming. My friends and I decided to go on a road trip to explore the beautiful southwest of Western Australia, the Margaret River and am super excited to be sharing my experience with you.

Its Summer time right now in Australia , and it was the best time to visit Margs ( as the locals call it). Its only 3 hours drive from Perth with beautiful scenery along the way. We sang our hearts out to stay awake throughout the journey and made several stops along the way.


Our  first stop was the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse which is located at the tip of a peninsula where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet . Its the tallest (39m) lighthouse on mainland Australia giving a spectacular view of the surrounding area. It has some interesting history and I would advice anyone visiting Margs to check it out.