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It's a Tee and Shorts Affair

January 11, 2018

It’s summer time now in Australia but the weather has been playing up lately. We’ve had very hot days and cold days as well. Either way it’s warm enough to get the shorts out of the closet and show some legs.


T shirts and shorts are one of the combinations that will never go out of style or out of season. In this post I effortlessly paired a tshirt and shorts pulling off a chic look.


With my insane obsession of denim, I paired a punctured grey t shirt with blue denim shorts that has a white embroidery for a hem. I also threw in a jungle green bomber jacket since it was a bit chilly at some point and some cool sunnies since they are one of those accessories that you must have. To finish the look I wore a pair of white Adidas sneakers which I madly love.


Xoxo Kui.